For Markus Püttmann, business photography is more than just creating a good first impression. It’s all about who you are, what you have to offer, and what makes you unique.

In today’s fast-paced business world, convincing professional images are crucial – whether they’re for an application, an online profile, a corporate strategy, or attracting new employees and customers. In order to present yourself in the best possible light, it makes sense to consult a professional business photographer like Markus Püttmann. “My specialty is that I spend time with the people to figure out what effect they would like their photos to have as opposed to what they want to look like,”explains the experienced business photographer who prefers to specialise in the field he has spent years perfecting. “Those who become true experts are those who concentrate on one specialist subject instead of trying to be good at everything. In my case, it’s the authentic portrayal of people and  companies, the liveliness of personalities, their accessibility and credibility. My portraits are filled with honesty and authenticity.”

Fall in love with yourself

In addition to his photography venture, Püttmann also runs his own business coaching company called impulsraum. As a coaching expert, he has the advantage of knowing exactly how to create that convincing effect powered by people’s individual strengths. “Photography is 10% technical and 90% psychological,” he explains. “Coaching covers this part. It helps me to quickly engage with different personalities and their individual characters.”Püttmann is always trying to discover what is real about his clients and how to show this off to the outside world.“A portrait photo shoot does not only produce portraits; it is an emotional journey to your true self.’What’s important to me and us?What defines me and us?’ A portrait shows your inner attractiveness and can even boost it:Make an impression – quietly and unobtrusively. Even impress yourself. Look at yourself and fall in love. And get some great inspiration.”

Corporate imagery

The business clients that approach Markus Püttmann include a wide range of professions such as entrepreneurs, self-employed freelancers, doctors, lawyers, attorneys, (tax) consultants and coaches, but also topmanagers. What they all have in common is the quest for the perfect imagery set that transfers their message as well as attracting new customers or employees. Images are key to understanding what makes a particular person or company special: The key to his, her or its authenticity, potential, strengths and essence. “My clients start thinking about what it is that their customers want to see from them,”says the photographer.“Unite your brand image with your identity. This way, you will find the customers that fit in perfectly with your business – simply because they share the same values as you. After all, relationships in the business world are not that different from love relationships. I will help you and your customers to ‘fall in love’ with each other. That’s the key to your success.”

Employer branding

When it comes to talent that drives your business forward, employer branding is the way to go.“It is all about what makes your company attractive as an employer,” Püttmann expands.“How do you impress the employees that you already have and those that you would like to have on board?

Through photos, we can present people that have found their perfect workplace – at your company. In turn, they will attract those for whom working at your company could be the right fit, too.” If you’re after marketing goals, go for character boards. This is a range of photos of the same person aimed at different target groups that a company or a business professional is looking to win over. Using either a type 240 LeicaM, a Canon 1D X or the 40 Megapixel medium format camera Hasselblad H5D as well as the highest possible quality of branded materials, you can be sure to expect premium products from Püttmann. But what is it that the German entrepreneur himself finds most fascinating about his work? “People who have found their place in the world and have established a connection to their inner core,”he reveals. “These people have a particular charisma forme. It’s difficult to describe. Have a look at my website, the people you see there have all had contact with their inner core – at least in that moment.”So regardless of what business goal you’re after, a coach like.

Markus Püttmann can certainly help you to find your core strength.